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We're a specialist clinic focused on treating mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety.


Tackling a twenty-first century epidemic. 

Modern life places so many relentless demands upon us that all too frequently, illness is the result.

The impact that this has on personal wellbeing, family dynamics, workplace productivity and society is huge.

Until now, existing mental health treatment facilities, both NHS and private, have largely focused on the more severe end of the illness spectrum, meaning that there has been little targeted, intensive treatment for those suffering from less acute, although no less distressing, illness features.

Getting serious with depression.

This is a treatable illness, so there's no need to suffer in silence.


It's time to get serious about treating depression. Left unchecked, this illness can cause misery to those afflicted.

Depression is a lot more than just low mood, too - it can include features such as a loss of pleasure in life, diminished concentration, difficulty sleeping, an irregular appetite and feeling either agitated or slowed down.

All too often people struggle on, year after year, thinking that this is normal, or that they must be in some way weak.

In fact, the opposite is true; keeping going under the persistent cloud of depression requires enormous strength ... and it's this strength which can be harnessed to help bring about a recovery.



A fresh approach.

Intensive treatment workshops that fit around your life.


We're a new clinic so have been able to start with a completely fresh approach to treatment.

Our team of expert clinicians have dug deep into their collective experience, and created a programme of intensive workshops specifically for the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression.

We call it 'Overcoming Depression'; a six-week programme running once a week, every Friday. Each day consists of four hours of intensive workshops, together with breaks and lunch.

Our workshops are wonderfully small and intimate, with never more than six participants, so that the experience is safe, respectful and focused.

During your treatment, you'll do a mix of practical exercises and personal exploration, all designed to equip you with a personal skill-set of techniques which you'll be able to try out straight away.

Meet the team.

Our experienced clinicians are looking forward to working with you.


Esher Groves is the creation of Dr Ian Drever, a medical doctor with over 23 years' experience, including ten years as a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Priory.

Ian has assembled a team of handpicked experts; people who he has worked with in the past, and who he'd go to for treatment himself.

The team includes doctors, psychologists and therapists to help develop and deliver our treatment workshops.

Some key members of our community are:

Dr Azlan Luk, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Kevin Pankhurst, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sheetal Sirohi, Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Anna Collins, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Julie Lockyer, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Joy Mueller, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Will Napier, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Gavin Weeks, Clinical Psychologist


Kim Bradshaw, Group Psychotherapist

Philip Brown, Group Psychotherapist

Julie Lockyer, Clinical Psychologist

Sanjivan Parhar, Group Psychotherapist

Warm, welcoming and wonderful.

Feel right at home in your very own safe haven of friendship, tranquillity and support.


You’ve never been to a clinic like this before – there’s not a white wall or fluorescent light in sight.

Instead, we’ve created a calming, tranquil oasis of wellbeing. A place where the physical environment becomes an integral part of the overall treatment experience.

We’ve put a great deal of thought into getting the smallest details right, from the warmth of the lighting to the fabrics, furnishings and colours used throughout.

Top it all off with intuitive, caring and genuine service from people who really love helping others, and it’s easy to see why this becomes your special place.


Six-week treatment packages from £2250

Making specialist private treatment more accessible than ever.

Our Overcoming Depression workshop consists of a six-week programme of once-weekly attendance every Friday; our next programme starts on Friday 17 August.

Each day of treatment will include four hours of targeted group therapy, plus a nutritious lunch and snacks.

At the beginning of your treatment programme, you'll have a thorough, one-to-one assessment with an in-house Consultant Psychiatrist to clarify your diagnosis and decide whether groups are right for you; this is charged at a discounted rate of £250.

In addition, you'll meet one of the therapists mid-way through your programme for an individual session to monitor your progress, and you'll also see our Psychiatrist again at the end of your time with us; both of these inputs are included as part of your therapy package fee.

NEW SERVICES! In early September, we're launching our new modular group therapy programme. Running for ninety minutes each week for a total of four weeks, these are bite-sized therapy chunks focusing on a specific topics. Group topics are Weight Management and Self-Esteem. Please enquire for more details.

NEW! From June 2018, our services are now recognised by Healix health insurance, so could be covered by your policy; give us a call or speak with your Healix representative for more details.


Esher Groves
Private Clinic

Church Street
Esher, Surrey
KT10 8QS

0345 11 22 300

Fax 01372 468643


Pay-and-display parking is located within a ten minute walk of the clinic, in Claremont Lane (A244) and off the High Street, next to the Elmbridge Borough Council offices (indicated as Elmbridge Museum on the accompanying map).



Let’s get started

Sitting on a problem never makes it go away. Call us or send an email to begin your journey of recovery.

Phone: 0345 11 22 300

We’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a line and one of our team will be back in touch within a working day. Alternatively, give us a call during office hours.

Remember that you’re not on your own – we’re all here to help. All contact with us is strictly confidential, and your details will never be shared with anyone else.

Please note that we're unable to provide emergency input, so if you're feeling in need of immediate treatment, please contact your GP or local A&E service.

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